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is a transformative journey of inquiry
Private Yoga Sessions
Yoga holds none of the answers, and all the questions. Allow me to be your guide in creating and growing your own yoga practice.
I have opened my schedule to work 1:1 with a few individuals (or a pair of best friends / roommates / partners) who want to create their own at home yoga practice and incorporate it into their daily routine, have specific goals in mind, or who are completely new to practicing yoga. 
Enrolling in private yoga sessions with me looks like:
(1) brief Q+A call to make sure it's a great fit
(1) 90 minute get to know you session (creation of goals, paperwork, and 45-60 min yoga practice)
(5) 60 minute custom yoga sessions
PLUS weekly accountability check-ins
The ability to book private yoga packages will become available soon under the "Book Online." 
Let's see if we'd work well together. 
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