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How to Create a Morning Routine that will Change Your Life

Here are the tools to create and actually use your morning routine to change your life.

Where is the best place to begin? Well, might as well start at the beginning of each day, where you have every opportunity to create the best day of your life. Every day you can choose to begin again, to create your own reality.

Before I share the tools for you, I want you to know how important it is that you actually want to change your life. If you are satisfied with the status quo, this morning routine may not be for you. I want you to commit to making positive change in your life. It starts with you, and each day it starts with your morning routine.

Set Yourself up for Success

Creating a new morning routine is a process of breaking old habits and creating new ones. If after reading on, it feels too complex, break it down into smaller bite sized steps. Start with one shift at a time. It is easier to build a positive habit on top of another, because momentum is working in you favor.


Time to break that snoozing habit. First and foremost, you will need to make sure that you will respond to your alarm by getting out of bed. I recommend keeping it some distance from your bed AND making it one that does not shut off until you demonstrate your wakeful state. If you use your phone for an alarm I highly recommend a puzzle alarm app (like Alarmy for Android and Kiwake for Apple devices) that forces you to complete missions like math problems (too frustrating for me) or taking a photo of an object outside of your bedroom. This small shift was a game changer for me.

Sticky Note

Write out your morning routine (you can copy the framework below) on a sticky note and stick it over your phone screen. Do not take it off until you complete your morning routine.


You are not alone. There are so many others who share the goal of creating positive change in their lives starting with their morning routine. Tell your mom, tell your friends, tell your colleagues, tell everyone you know that you are starting a new morning routine. Publicly declaring something makes it difficult to back out. Invite someone to begin their own morning routine with you and check in with each other every single day.

If you do not have a like-minded community, friend or partner to lean into, please send me a message on Instagram or reach out and I will be your accountability partner, or help you find one to work with.

Strive to make everyday the best day of your life, because there is no good reason not to” -Hal Elrod

The Miracle Morning Routine

Of course, I recommend reading the book The Miracle Morning, or if you aren't up for that, then try checking out this 3 minute YouTube video to listen to what I am about to share with you. But, since you are already here, and I want to help you start implementing your own morning routine as soon as you possibly can, here is the framework:

Waking Up

Move your alarm clock as far away from you as possible, perhaps even to another room. Yes, even if your alarm is on your phone - that might mean getting off of your phone earlier than usual, but we'll tackle nighttime routines in a separate post.

Proceed to the nearest bathroom and brush your teeth, maybe even scrape your tongue if you're into that. Then, splash some cold water onto your face! This is a tip my dad has been sharing with me since I was a kid but I have ignored up until this point in my life. Spoiler alert: it works.

Drink some water. Your body has been without water all night and drinking water first thing in the morning will help wake your system up, flush out toxins and rehydrate your organs - including the biggest one, your skin.


These are just a brief overview of the Miracle Morning system, I encourage you to dive deeper once you become familiar with the basics provided here.

S - Silence - 5 minutes of silence to start your day

A - Affirmations - reprogram your subconscious mind (believe until you achieve)