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Meet Amanda - she’s always been curious about nature, so after years of studying and working in the field of Biology - she left the corporate world to get back to experimenting with one very special kind of nature - human nature


As a Certified Breath Coach she is able to help people reconnect with their true nature, regulate their nervous systems, heal and increase emotional resiliency. 


She found herself diving into a six month breathwork facilitator training at the start of 2021 - a decade after the compounding positive effects of one simple breath tool her therapist shared with her in high school saved her life. 


Amanda has been guiding breath throughout the past year and teaching yoga since college, where she studied evolutionary biology, animal behavior and psychology, earning a Master’s of Science in Biology. She lives to learn and learns by teaching others. 

Check out the Breathe page to find a weekly session or book a Breath Coaching Heart to Heart Session to experience a one on one breath journey!


what is breath?

Breath is life.


It works to keep you alive - from your first inhale to your last exhale.

Birth >>> Death 


When you connect to your breath, you connect to the flow of life. 

As a certified breath coach, I guide you in connecting to your core through a series of conscious breathing patterns. 

This is one part science and one part source. 






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